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A consumer proposal is a Canadian debt forgiveness program which eliminates up to 80% of debts and enables Canadians to settle their debts for much less than they actually owe – All without declaring bankruptcy! Fill in the form below to see if you qualify!


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All your debts are covered with one low monthly payment


Eliminate all debt in as little as 2 years


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Avoid bankruptcy with this debt assistance program


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Just Some Of Our Happy Customers

Wonderful! Helped me tremendously over the last 5 years to easily pay off all my debt and get a great settlement with the nasty creditors.

-Suzy Smash

Great services and helpful people! Thanks to my Account Manage for all her help.

-Wayne Bezanson

Just have to say that everyone at this company is great,efficent and easy to deal with. My personal advisor is excellent. Would recommend anytime

-Josie Tyrrell

My experience was very good. They took care of me with compassion and we're very informative. I had time constraints for phoning , so a lot of information was passed on in emails, perfect.I was devastated with my situation, but they put me at ease. Letting me know I was not alone. It was a good feeling, knowing they were there for me. Highly recommend to my friends if they were every needing their services. Thank you

-Christine Thomson